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Buyer Survey

Q-Would you like to comment on any particular aspect of the real estate transaction or the service provided?

A-Stephen R: Went very smoothly thanks to agent.


Seller Survey

Q-Is thre anything you would like to share about the service you received, special effort made by the sales associate, or any other subject?

A-Arline G: When we were unsure as to what to do, he very patiently explained things so we could make educated decisions. We really appreciated his help. Chris was always very attentive to answering our questions almost immediately.

A-Jay S: Chris Kernan is a wonderful person, a thoroughly professional sales associate, and provided us with a happy and successful sale, as well as purchase of our new home.

A-Mitzie L: Chris Kernan provided great advice, kept a sale alive when at risk of losing it. He provided options and negotiated with buyer and their realtor to provide the best outcome for all parties. He demonstrated much experience, having many ideas and suggestions that provided the best advantage. He was honest and forthcoming with information good and bad which was greatly appreciated because I lived out of town. Chris went out of his way to assist because I was out of town and even met someone at the house to pick up an item they bought at the estate sale. He even offered to deliver it to them to help me.

He priced the house at the market price to sell. At first I thought it was too little and asked that it be listed a little higher which he did. However, in the end the buyer was not able to get their mortgage because the purchase price was above the market value. Chris suggested allowing a slight discounted price which kept the sale alive and the closing took place with no problems. Chris is highly recommended.